The digital trends that are shaping 2018 – #IBM

Artifical intelligence, the Internet of Things, and GDPR compliance are just a few trends that are coming in full force for 2018. Get the latest on these trends and more:


Artificial intelligence, cloud security, Internet of Things, GDPR compliance, mobile innovation, the digital reinvention.

These are the trends that will shape 2018 and beyond.

AI is expected to 95% of all customer interactions by 2025 with customer unable to differentiate bots from humans.

The average enterprise experiences 23.2 cloud-related threats per month.

Of all the businesses that implemented IoT, 94% have already seen a return on their IoT investments.

50% of global companies say they will struggle to meet the new rules set out by the EU unless they make significant changes to how they operate.

These are opportunities to revolutionize your business.

Learn how to take advantage of them and stay on top of the latest trends, resources, and news.

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