The Reality of RemoteFX in Server 2012 – BriForum 2012 Chicago

From BriForum 2012 Chicago

Presented by Mike Burke

Windows Server 2012 will bring a plethora of changes when it is released later this year – many changes affect virtualization specifically. This session focuses on changes to VDI and RemoteFX in Server 2012, and just what is possible in the new operating system. RemoteFX has been a promising enhancement to RDP, but has been hindered with tough hardware requirements. Server 2012 brings the concept of virtualized GPU to reality by leveraging commodity CPU cores and memory for dedicated video purposes. Will this, coupled with other changes to Microsoft’s stand-alone VDI features finally allow organizations to leverage a Microsoft-only VDI solution effectively? This session will provide the details, and demonstrations and interactive group discussion will provide the answers.

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