Tom and Ray Talk about… The Role of Open Source Software

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“Tom and Ray Talk About 2018 Top IT Business Issues” is an 8 part series of executive videos featuring Tom Canning, Vice President of Strategy at Flexera, and R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc. These videos bring you right into the conversation on the latest topics vital to IT and business executives. Tom and Ray review the software supply chain, cloud and SaaS Markets, cybersecurity, open source software, what you need to know about SAP Indirect Access, and more.

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• Reimagining the Way Software is Bought, Sold, Managed and Secured
• Digital Transformation and the Challenge of Managing Complex IT Environments
• Software and Cloud Optimization
• Cybersecurity and Software Vulnerability Management
• SAP Software Licensing and Indirect Access
• IOT – The Internet of Things
• The Role of Open Source Software
• Managing Software and Cloud Services Costs

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