Total Data Recovery with CrashPlan+

CrashPlan+ gives you all the protection of CrashPlan, plus the added benefit of secure cloud storage to CrashPlan Central for your personal files and features like continuous, minute-by-minute backup.

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Being able to restore is the reason you back up your files in the first place. When you lose a file, you can get that file back (restore it) because a copy of the file has been saved somewhere else. Restore the file and you’re back in business. Guaranteed! Because CrashPlan verifies the recoverability of the files in your backup archive, you can be confident your files will work when you restore them.

In this video, learn how to reinstall CrashPlan, restore your CrashPlan files and resume backing up after a total computer failure like the loss of a system drive or a catastrophic event.

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- Code42 is the endpoint data protection and management company that provides secure, automatic backup with CrashPlan. The company’s award-winning products are the gold standard for the enterprise, trusted by the most recognized brands in business and education, including Expedia, Procter & Gamble, Adobe and Stanford.

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