Turbonomic Top 10 Features #9 – Settings

Hello, my name is Megan from Turbonomic and welcome back to the Top 10 Features of our new HTML5 UI, which comes native to Turbonomic 6.0 and all later releases.

Through this series we will highlight our customer’s and developer’s favorite new features and capabilities that Turbonomic 6.0 has to offer.

Today, we will be reviewing the “settings” and target configuration of the new UI.

The last icon on our navigation panel on the left side of the UI, is “settings”. Unlike the old Turbonomic UI, the settings page has been reconfigured to be more user-friendly without losing any of the customization availabilities.

Once you’re on the settings page, you will notice that the page has been re-organized into 9 sections:

• Groups – is your VM group configuration page, which follows the same workflow as the old Turbonomic UI

• Policies – which has an updated set-up which will be covered in the next and final features of our Top 10 series.

• Templates- allows you to review templates imported from your hypervisor/cloud platform. The template catalog helps you manage the templates of your infrastructure, as well as helps you create new templates that can be used when reserving virtual machines or when planning for new workloads in your on-prem/hybrid/cloud environments.

• Budget Management – is a new feature added to the UI. In the budget management page, which becomes active when you add at least 1 new cloud target, you have the ability to create budgets and review your cloud expenses at any moment in time.

• Use Management – allows you to create additional local users who can access the Turbonomic UI at various access levels or roles, and at definable scope levels. You can create local users within the Turbonomic UI, or add users by connecting to your active directory.

• Target Configuration – in the new UI has an updated workflow which allows you to connect to and manage a greater number of platforms. From application servers and hypervisors all the way to PaaS and Orchestrators, you can now target them all by simply clicking on the platform that you want to target, choosing the target type, and adding filling out the required credentials. Then simply press Add and the target will be added to your Turbonomic UI and will show up on your list of targets in your infrastructure.

• License – allows you to view the Turbonomic licenses that you have purchased and are available to you, as well as the number of VMs licensed, in use, and their expiration date. Additionally, when it’s time to update your license you can began the process by simply clicking on the “update license” button.

• Updates – is where you can learn about your current Turbonomic license, check for new licenses, and update your license directly from our UI.

• Maintenance Options – is where you can further configure your UI and the parameters that Turbonomic utilizes to assure performance and maximize the gains within your environment.

Turbonomic’s settings give you the ability to customize your UI to best fit your needs and strategic goals for your environment.

There is a lot that can be done within Settings, so if you feel overwhelmed with the number of configurations that can be done, you can always sync with your Customer Experience representative to ask for a deeper walk through or to schedule time with a Turbonomic engineer who can configure your environment for you.

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