Two-Factor Authentication for Citrix NetScaler 11 with Duo Security (Alternate Instructions)

Duo Security ( provides a drop-in integration for Citrix NetScaler 11 that is easy to deploy, use, and manage. This demonstration video shows how to set up Duo for Citrix NetScaler 11 using an alternate configuration that allows your Citrix NetScaler Gateway to handle primary authentication, enabling features such as AD password resets. For additional information on this integration visit our Citrix documentation site at and sign up for a Free Trial.

You can watch the video for the non-alternate configuration here:

via Duo Security

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- Duo Security provides cloud-based two-factor authentication to thousands of organizations worldwide, including Facebook, Etsy, Random House, Paramount Pictures, Box, Toyota, Yelp, and Threadless. In as little as fifteen minutes, Duo Security’s innovative and easy-to-use technology can be deployed to protect users, data, and applications from breaches, credential theft and account takeover.

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