Unboxing the EDA 1100 #VisibilityEverywhere

ExtraHop Extends Wire Data Analytics to Remote Offices and Azure | http://xtra.li/smallerthanever

New small form factor appliance–EDA 1100–extends wire data analytics from the datacenter across geographically distributed operations; support for Microsoft Azure provides critical insight from data generated in cloud deployments | http://xtra.li/smallerthanever

via ExtraHop

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- ExtraHop provides the real-time operational intelligence required to make IT more agile and proactive. The world's best-run IT organizations use ExtraHop to manage more than a quarter-million devices and monitor over a trillion transactions daily. Without using invasive agents, the ExtraHop platform auto-discovers and auto-classifies all applications and systems out of the box, providing the correlated, real-time visibility essential for dynamic environments.

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