What is Data Copy Access and how does it dramatically simplify DR testing

Recovery testing is key to maintaining uptime but is often neglected because it is too time consuming or admins fear disrupting their production environment

Unitrends automates testing using Data Copy Access technology.
Admins can set the Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery point objectives that Unitrends will enforce and verify .
Even Better– the Data Copy Access technology makes your data, applications, and lab environments available instantly.

Data Copy Access Jobs support complex interactions between systems that depend on each other —
Admins can specify recovery sequences, network dependencies, and even specific application tests (jnn) to run on each machine to ensure that the recovery is successful — MORE THAN 50 types of tests are built into the Unitrends solution. Everything from running and verifying SQL queries to running your own custom scripts.

Unitrends Recovery Assurance verifies the full functionality of the entire workload, not just the ability to boot an individual machine. The process lets you proactively uncover issues and determine the impact of an outage before one ever occurs.

But Recovery Assurance is not the only purpose of Data Copy Access.
Using the same workflows, you can easily spin up entire test environments — making it easy to provide resources for test and development. You can also create an Instant Failover in just seconds.

Data Copy Access is just one of the powerful features that are built into Unitrends – enabling Simpler, Smarter IT.

via Unitrends

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