What Two Years of Living in the Trenches has Taught Kevin Goodman about VDI – BriForum 2012 London

From BriForum 2012 London

Presented by Kevin Goodman

The no-holds-barred session about what Kevin Goodman hates about VDI and why he thinks it is only useful in particular use cases.

About The Author
- BriForum is the only independent conference of its kind to provide a vendor-neutral perspective on current and emerging technologies and services in today's marketplace. Navigating through the data, the devices, and the details (not to mention the vendor-hype) can be a challenge to even the most experienced IT pro, never mind an organization that is just getting its feet wet in the virtualization market. At BriForum we lay it all out for you, whether you've been down this road before or you're just beginning the VDI journey.

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