What’s new in Android Studio 3.1

Android Studio 3.1 release introduces highly requested improvements to the Android Profilers, including C++ profiling, class and method filtering in CPU and memory profilers, as well as request data and threads view in the network profiler. Enhanced Room support means you now get autocompletion and can now refactor across SQL and Java/Kotlin code.

On the tools side, D8 is the new default dexer, replacing dx. It produces smaller and more optimized bytecode and offers a better debugging experience. For Kotlin, running lint checks is now supported from the command line.

Finally, the Android Emulator now lets you resume saved emulator sessions in seconds thanks to Quick Boot and offers system images for APIs 25 and 26 with full Play Store.

Read more in the release notes:
Android Studio – https://goo.gl/J7zb57
Android Plugin for Gradle – https://goo.gl/CYffmK
Android Emulator – https://goo.gl/Lnq8Sn

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